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IMA-press News Agency is one of the oldest non-state news agencies on the territory of the former USSR. It deals with information market. The founders are private persons. It was organized on the basis of the youth news agency IMA-press established in spring 1989.
Originally it specialized in distribution of authors materials and digests of foreign press to regional publishing houses. In 1990 the Agency began to organize its own correspondents' network in regions and to issue daily news summary "IMA-press - Panorama" (now "Panorama dnya") which is still the main information product of the Agency. Furthermore, IMA-press News Agency:
  • issues weekly specialized summary IMATEKNiK (news of fuel energetic complex) published since 1998 in association with the magazine "Oil and Capital";
  • prepares analytic information for authorities, public and political organizations and commercial firms;
  • places materials in federal and local mass media;
  • offers sociological monitoring;
  • undertakes mass media monitoring.
    In 1992 it became one of the initiators of establishing the IMA-press Association which now unites some of the non-state companies dealing with publishing, advertising, PR, sociology, market research, political consulting and direct marketing. The Association includes IMA-press News Agency, IMA-press Publishing House, IMA-design, IMA-consulting, political consulting centers "Nikkolo M" and "Propaganda", direct marketing agency "Tretya tochka", Union of mass media IMA-press (St.Petersburg), SKAN-IMA-press (Petrozavodsk). Relations of the members of IMA-press Association are formed on the horizontal basis without vertical subordination. The aims of this structure are the use of the corporative image and provision to the customers the maximum wide complex of services.
    According to different surveys, IMA-press News Agency is among the leading information agencies in Russia among independent information agencies.
    In 2000 it was decided to establish IMA-media Holding on the basis of IMA-press News Agency. Today the Holding consists of IMA-press News Agency and IMA-media business communication agency.
    Currently, the Agency strategy has been broadened to cover the developments in the European Union for regional independent media who are not represented in the EU. In 2006, IMA-press-Europe, a press office in Brussels, has been established. The office is part of the Russian company IMA-press.
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